The Jewish Family Library of Los Angeles and Resource Center is the place you and your family can visit to be educated, enriched and entertained. It is designed to engage children and adults of all ages, and entire families, with a vast selection of books, creative outlets, and opportunities to foster new friendships. It inspires all participants to interact and grow together, in a warm environment of discovery and learning.  It is housed on the second floor of 8850 West Pico Blvd, near the corner of Robertson Blvd. The first floor downstairs is a Chabad House known since 1996 as Bais Bezalel Chabad.  

The Library is a safe, hospitable, inviting home where kids can mingle, play, learn, and develop, while forming bonds of friendship with Jewish youth from all backgrounds.

The library is currently lending books and videos to its members, and plans to provide a great space for kids to learn; for toddlers and their mothers to come for Mommy & Me; for preschoolers to come with their grandparents for story-time; for elementary & high school school kids to come after school, get help with their homework, engage in organized activities, and “hang-out"!  Evening programming will include parenting classes for married and unmarried mothers and fathers; health & nutrition classes; and Judaism classes- all while their children will be supervised in the adjacent space.  

Rabbi Moshe Levin